Consignor Logins & Registration

  • New Consignors

    New consignors should register for our sale by choosing one of the links below:

    Chicago: New Registration

    North Shore:  New Registration


  • Returning Login

    Use the links below to log in to your account for tagging and updates:

    Chicago: Returning Registration

    North Shore:  Returning Registration

  • Only Accepting Restocking Consignors for Chicago Spring 2017 Event

    Due to space restrictions and in an effort to provide selling opportunities for as many families as possible, we will be implementing “Restocking Consignors” this season. Assignments are based on when you register. Once the “Regular Consignor” spots are full, the system will only allow Restocking Consignors.

    Important things to note:

    Restocking Consignors drop off their items during a separate Drop Off, which is Friday, April 14 from 6:30 – 8:00 am. At that drop off time items are processed the same way that they are at the regular consignor drop off. These items will be available for purchase when we open to the public on Saturday morning. Regular Consignors drop off their items before the Pre-Sale; Restocking Consignors drop off the morning after the Pre-Sale (when we have room for more items).

    Our research shows that restocking consignors have as high of a “sell through rate” as regular consignors. We will advertise that new items are on the sales floor prior to opening Saturday morning, which will encourage consignors, First Time Moms and the general public to come back Saturday to “shop the new stuff.” The general public will be excited that “not everything is gone” in terms of the high demand items.

    Restocking consignors must still enter their inventory by the deadline of Tuesday, April 11 at 6:00 pm. It will close for ALL consignors at that time (restocking and regular).

    Restocking consignors will only be allowed to register for a “restocking drop off” appointment.

    Restocking consignors will receive a pre-sale pass to shop the consignor pre-sale on Thursday, April 13 at 5:30 pm. Stand in the pre-sale entry line and someone will come around with a check list, and give you an entry ticket. Restocking consignors that register, attend the consignor pre-sale and do NOT drop off items, will forfeit future consigning privileges. Why? Only consignors shop the consignor pre-sale!!

    Restocking consignors may still volunteer and earn the same volunteer perks as regular consignors.