About Us


Babies, Tots n’ More was Chicago’s first, and for twelve years, only seasonal consignment event company.  Our business benefited Chicagoland families in a variety of ways.  We offered parents an opportunity to earn money by selling their gently used children’s and maternity items, while allowing other families to buy great products for a fraction of the original price.

Chicagoland families loved us! Over one thousand families visited our in person events each season to stock their children’s closets and shelves with incredible finds.  We were excited to pivot our business model and bring the event online during the pandemic when in person events weren’t possible.


Kristin Curtis, Founder

The Story Behind Babies, Tots n’ More: After having my second son in 2009, I started to become claustrophobic in my own home.  Everywhere I turned there were toys, clothes, bouncy seats, boppies, baby equipment and even a bike trailer that I wouldn’t be able to use for at least a year.

Many of the items had been given to me by friends (close and distant), who could no longer use them.  I knew that there had to be a better way for families to “recycle” the items that they had purchased, often at a steep price, and be able to recoup some of their expenses.  It was at that moment that Babies, Tots n’ More was born.

I can say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I loved our events!  I always tell people that it was a “feel good” business, everyone benefited!  Consignors were thrilled to make money on their items, and shoppers were delighted to get like new (or new) items for a fraction of the retail price.  Families in need received many of our unsold items, which were in like new condition.

I love this city and was pleased to offer such a wonderful opportunity to the families here for twelve years. I am grateful that one of our team leaders decided to create a similar business, and that families will have a similar opportunity to sell, shop and save with Go Green Family Consignment.