Consignor FAQ

  • What are the benefits of consigning?

    1. You get to set your own price and you earn 60%  of the sales price.  It feels great to clear out the children’s items you no longer need, know that someone else will get to use them, and you make more money than you would selling them in a yard sale or a secondhand store.
    2. All you have to do is upload a picture and description of your item on our website.  We will let you know which items have sold so that you may tag them and drop them off after the online sale is over.  We take care of the advertising, the facility and the sale itself.
    3. You get to shop early!  Consignors shop before the general public.

    What percentage of my sales do I earn as a Consignor?

    You will receive  60% on every item sold.  

    What is the $12.00 fee for?

    The $12.00 fee helps to offset some of the facility, advertising and insurance costs. The participation fee is paid on a per event basis and is non-refundable and non-transferable.  It is paid via Paypal at the time of registration.

    What items may I consign?

    You may consign anything related to children as long as it is in very gently used condition. Clothing (girls’ sizes newborn through Youth Size 16), children’s furniture, children’s equipment, and maternity items are accepted. 

    NEW for our Online Event

    Women’s Handbags, Jewelry, Houseware and Home Decor items and…

    Women’s Athletic Wear 
    Athletic Wear – Suggested brands include Under Armour, Athleta, CALIA, Nike, The North Face, Padagonia, Columbia, Lululemon and similar name brands. “Activewear” is clothing designed to be worn for sports, exercise and outdoor activities. Mall brand and discount store brand activewear NOT accepted (example: Old Navy, C9. Athletic Works, etc. NOT accepted.)
    Select Brands – Lularoe, Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Simply Southern and PINK women’s clothing also accepted.
    Sports Bras are considered undergarments and we will not allow them unless they are new in package.
    NO other women’s non-activewear brands accepted.

    Is there a limit on the number of items I can consign?

    Since we are online, and don’t have space restrictions, we are not limiting the number of items.  PLEASE make sure that they are high quality items. Delivering an item that does not meet our quality standard is subject to 25% of the item price.

    When is the deadline to enter items into the database?

    Summer 2022 Saturday, June 11th  at 8:00 pm

    When is consignor drop off?

    Summer 2022: June 23rd (power seller) & June 24th

    When do I receive my earnings?

    Payments will be sent electronically via PayPal within 14 days of the end of the sale. 

    How can I shop early?

    Consignors will receive a link to shop our online store before the public sale begins. 

    What about seasonal items?

    We accept all seasons at our online event.

    How do I price my items?

    We suggest you price your items roughly 20-50% of their original retail price, depending on their condition.  For designer and name-brand items you can price closer to 40% of the original retail price.  Any new items with tags still on them can be priced for as much as 50 – 60% of the original price.  See Pricing Guide for more information.  These are just recommendations, not a mandate.  Pricing is entirely up to you.  We do require that all items be priced for at least $3.00 – group like items together if necessary.

    How do I tag my items?

    We have a very simple barcode system that allows you to electronically enter all of your items.  See How to Tag page for more information.

    Can I print my own tags?

    Yes!!! All tags must be printed on white cardstock (60 lb. or heavier).  Please note, each item needs to have a unique item number and thus photocopying a sheet of tags is not acceptable.  See the  How to Tag page for more information.

    How do clothing items need to be delivered?

    Clothing does NOT need to be on hangers. See How to Tage page for more information.

    When and where do I drop off my items?

    You will deliver your items to Daystar Academy during the designated drop-off period.  Please see Dropping Off for more details.

    Can I work to earn a higher percentage? 

    Due to the current pandemic, we are using the same set of workers for the entire event in order to limit exposure.  Sorry, there is not an opportunity to work for a higher percentage at this time.

    Is the Online event system the same as the one used for the in person events? 

    No.  We are using a different system for our online.  The new system is super easy,  uploading on your phone is a breeze (you may use your computer too).

    Is my consignor number the same for the online event?

    No, it will be different.  Our new system calls this a “Seller ID”.  It is created when you register.  It will consist of your  initials and the last four digits of your phone number.  Example:  KC-1841

    Does my clothing need to be on hangers at drop off? 

    Nope! No hangers needed!   Pack the sold clothes as described on our tagging page. 

    What kind of supplies do I need for the online event? 

    A computer or phone to upload items. Bags, boxes or bins to gather sold items together.  Labeling supplies:  paper, duct tape or wide (2”) masking tape for labeling your bags/boxes/bins.  Painters tape to use on non-bagged items that could be damaged when tape is removed  (books, games, puzzles, etc.) and a dark colored sharpie to write on the tape!  

    Do I have to bag every item?

    In order to keep clothing items clean – they should be in bags and clearly labeled.  Items with multiple parts or items sold in lots should be bagged in order to keep those items together.  

    Something that is “self-contained” like a puzzle or a game in a box, does NOT need to be bagged — but PLEASE be sure the box is taped shut so it can’t come open, with the label on the box.  We encourage you to use painters tape on items like books, game boxes, etc. so that the tape does not cause damage when the buyer pulls it off.   Larger items such as cribs, bouncers, high chairs, furniture etc. obviously won’t come bagged — please be sure your ID label is secure on the item.  

    Is there a specific kind of bag that I should use for bagging sold items? 

    We recommend small waste can liner bags whenever possible.  Just be sure that the  bag that you use is the appropriate size for your item and strong enough to hold them.  Make sure the bags are free from holes so that items inside are not lost or damaged. Larger trash bags for bigger items will work as well.  

    What should I include on the label for sold items? 

    We will provide you with a list of sold items and printable sheets for you to affix to the each sold item that includes “coded” information to identify the shopper. 

    How do I find my Seller ID? 

    Your Seller ID looks something like this:  KC-1841

    It is made up from your initials  and the last 4 digits of your phone number

    Are stock photos ok to use for the photo I submit online? 

    As long as your stock photo and your item are identical style/pattern, etc.  However, if your item shows ANY wear and tear or has any differences from the photo, you should use an original photo.  

    How will I know which of my items have sold? 

    We will send you a list of sold inventory after the online sale ends.  Be sure you have in your “safe” list so you are sure to get important information.

    What happens at Drop Off?  

    You will bring your sold items to us on the designated drop off day (you’ll sign up for a time later!),  Drop off will be quick & easy! Visit our Drop Off page for all of the details.

    Do I need to pick up anything after the online sale

    Nope!  You’ll only be dropping sold items!  The only reason you need to come on day 2 is to pick up any items you purchase during the online sale!




Online Summer 2022: June 15-18

Online Pre-sales: Wednesday, June 15

Public Online Event: Thurs & Fri, June 16-17

Half Price Sale: Saturday, June 18

Shopper Pickup: June 25 (no exceptions)

Daystar Academy – 1550 S. Dearborn St., Chicago