• Drop Off

    Drop-Off  times are by appointment only.


    Our goal is to make the drop off process quick and efficient.  When the sale is over…

    • You will receive a report of your sold items.


    • Each sold item on your report will come with a BUYER CODE that needs to be attached to each item.


    • Your report will come with a pdf and you can print , cut out, and tape to the bag or directly on the (larger) item.


    • Make sure you have chosen a drop off appointment for June 23rd  or 24th.


    • Bring your items with buyer codes attached.


    • Put your items in alphabetical order by BUYER CODE! This will help your drop-off to move very quickly.


    • Double count to make sure you have them all!


    • At drop off, you will be required to scan your items using our check in app (this confirms that all items were received and also acts as your receipt)


    • Final Step:  place your items pile that corresponds with the Buyer Code.


    Smile because you did it! 😊


    • Drop-Off Summer 2022

      Appointments Necessary

      Thursday, June 23 (Power Sellers)
      Friday, June 24

      Schedule Dropoff