How to Tag

    • Fall 2022
      Item Entry Deadline

      Tuesday, October 4  at 8:00 pm

      Fall 2022 Item Entry Login

    How to Enter Your Items and Tagging Guidelines

    Once you have registered as a consignor you can begin tagging using our online tagging system.  The following information is required for each tag:

    1. Category: choose a category from the drop-down menu that best describes your item.
    2. Size: For clothing, you will choose a size from the drop-down menu beneath the category (please do not choose Small, Medium, Large, XL unless it is maternity clothing)
    3. Item Description: Include a brief description (ie: Gymboree black with white flowers). A good description helps us reunite your tag to your item if they get separated.  
    4. Price: Price your items to sell! Remember that there is a $3 minimum for items.  You may put multiple items together to create the $3 value (ex. three onesies for $3) Please refer to our pricing guide for suggestions.  .
    5. Discount: check this box if you want your item to be sold at 50% during our half-price sale. The half-price sale is one of our busiest days and many shoppers will not purchase items left at this point if they are NOT 1/2 off!
    6. Donate: check this box to donate the item if it does not sell. Donated items will be given to the Kid’s Pantry charity. You will receive a tax letter for your donated items.
    7. Quantity: this option allows you to quickly produce tags if you have more than one of the exact same item (color, size, etc)
    8. Submit: Finally you will submit and the item will be added to your online inventory. Continue this process until you have added tags for all your items.
    9. Print: When you are ready you can choose to print. Use white cardstock only when printing your tags. This is important because our scanners have to be able to read the barcode. If the code can’t scan, it can’t sell.

    Tips To Increase Your Sales!

    • Stick with the 30% of retail rule for the majority of your items. Shoppers come for bargains- plain and simple!
    • DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT!!!! We can’t stress that enough. One of our heaviest days of customers is our Discount Day (last day of our sale) and the shoppers want to see that DISCOUNT:YES symbol on your tag. At the time of the half-price sale, your item will have been full price for two days.  You don’t want to bring it home- so discount it!

    Tagging Tips:

    • Hangers- All Clothing Must Be on Hangers. It is preferred that bedding is hung, it is easier for shoppers to view.
    • Pinned– All items should be pinned properly see diagram below
    • Clothing Tags– All tags should be on the right side of the garment or over the heart of the shirt
    • Hanger Position– hangers should face the left like a question mark (?)


    • Shoes– Zip Tie shoes together or use ribbon/string, then pin tag to tie. (tip: use tape to write consignor number and item number in the sole of each shoe for in the event they get separated) Only infant shoes are allowed in plastic bags
    • Books and DVD’s- verify all DVD’s are in good working order, tape the box then tape the tag to the back of the DVD box. For hard back books tape the tag to the back of the Book. For Paperback books or book lot, place books in a ziploc bag, tape bag shut, and then tape tag to bag. Try not to tape over vital information to the buyer.
    • Small items– Place in a ziploc bag, tape shut and tape tag to outside of the bag.
    • Selling Items Together– Please only sell items together if they are the same size.
    • Toys–  Tape tag to toy and be sure to not cover any sticker part of toy. Place any loose pieces of a toy inside a bag, then tape to toy.
    • Puzzles and  Games– use cling wrap on box then tape tag to the wrap, so there is no damage to item.  Make sure all items are included.
    • All items– please be sure to tape all bags, boxes etc shut.
    • Large items with multiple pieces– If you have a large item with multiple pieces (i.e. a stroller car seat combo- selling as a set) Please be sure to write on the printed tag item 1 of 2 etc, then on a scrap piece of card stock write consigner number, item number, brief description, and item 2 of 2 for the other large item then attach. So both the stroller and the car seat have a tag.


    • Tagging Supplies

      White cardstock 60-67lb. for making tags (no copy paper- it doesn’t hold up)
      Hangers (save from stores like Old Navy and Target or buy packs at Walmart or Dollar Tree)
      Zip top bags for packing small items
      Zip ties
      Packing tape or Painters Tape for attaching tags to toys and labels to bags  (no scotch tape please, it will not stay on)

    • Quality Items Only

      We want to maintain our reputation of offering high quality items. We will inspect each item at drop-off to ensure that there are no rips, stains, holes and that they are in working order. Please do not be offended if an item is rejected. We want to make our event a success for everyone and that means being very picky about the items we accept.

    • $3 Minimum

      Do not price any item under $3.00.  If your single item cannot bring $3.00 on it’s own, pair it with something similar and THE SAME SIZE (if clothing) that will bring it to this amount. We will be strictly enforcing this $3.00 minimum rule on all items including toys, books and accessories.