How to Tag

    • Summer 2022
      Item Entry Deadline

      Summer 2022: Saturday, June 11  at 8:00 pm

      Summer 2022 Item Entry Login

    Use your Seller ID to enter your inventory into the easy to use software system.

    • The online system is very user friendly, a fill-in-the-blank and drop down box format. It will walk you through the tag creation process. There are numerous categories and size choices to pick from, please pick the one that accurately describes the item you are entering – this is how shoppers will be able to find your items online.
    • Do not add sizes to the description.  Use the drop down boxes or your items will not show up when shoppers search by size.
    • Be as clear and concise in your tag description as possible so that shoppers may find you in their search.  In the box marked “Add Your Item Title”, you should add the Item Brand and Description.  Remember that shoppers are not able to look at tags online, so you will want to include the name brand in the description.
    • Do NOT include special characters in your description (ex. **Tea Collection!!!). These items will not upload into our store and will be deleted.  Thank you for cooperating!
    • No Item Limit for Consignors

      Since we are holding an online event and there are no opportunities to earn a higher percentage, we are not limiting the number of consigned items.

    • Items Must Be Bagged or Boxed

      All sold items must be delivered in a BAG/BOX/BIN that ensures that the item/items will stay clean and not be able to fall out or come loose. The exception to the Bag/Box/Bin rule is larger items that can not fit into any of these options.

    • No Hangers

      Please do not bring items on hangers. They will make sorting into shoppers’ (paper) bags difficult for our Team in the end.

    • 25% Penalty Strictly Enforced

      We want to maintain our reputation of offering high quality items, even when selling online. When you list an item on our online store, you are certifying that it is in great condition and that it is available for sale. Failure to deliver a SOLD item at the drop off or delivering an item that does not meet our quality standard is subject to 25% of the item price.

  • Photo Tips & Requirements

    • Use a WHITE BACKGROUND – your item will present better this way online
    • Only two photos allowed per listing
    • Vertical photos are better because most shoppers are mobile and their phones are vertical
    • Use good lighting (near a window)
    • Unpackage items and photograph them displayed (remove them from bags to photograph)
    • Only use photo collages for items that need to show several views (ex. doll house, opened and closed).  Collages take a long time to upload on the back end. If it is too large, it will not upload at all.  
    • When saving photos to upload, choose the small setting (NOT actual size).  Large photos will not upload on the back end.
  • Tagging Supplies:

    • White cardstock 60-67lb. for making tags (no copy paper- it doesn’t hold up)
    • Scissors
    • Waste can liners for bagging small lots of clothing and small items
    • Trash bags for bagging larger items
    • Packing tape for attaching tags to toys and labels to bags  (no scotch tape please, it will not stay on)
  • $3.00 Minimum on ALL Items

    Do not price any item under $3.00.  If your single item cannot bring $3.00 on it’s own, pair it with something similar and THE SAME SIZE (if clothing) that will bring it to this amount. We will be strictly enforcing this $3.00 minimum rule on all items including toys, books and accessories.